Peace-of-Mind Membership

Why should I have my AC unit maintained regularly?

  • Maintains the manufacturers warranty
  • Properly maintained equipment reduces energy consumption
  • Extends the life of the equipment
  • Peace of Mind

Peace-of-Mind Membership

Gold Platinum
Annual Investment
*Ask your technician or or call our office about easy monthly payment plans

$208 per unit

$178 each addl. unit

$259 per unit

$229 each addl. unit

Annual safety and efficiency inspections 2 2
Priority scheduling
Phone call or email reminders
Extended repair warranty 1 year 2 year
Repair Discount 5% 10%
No overtime charge
Loyalty credit towards purchase of a new unit $25 per year $50 per year
Dry nitrogen high pressure condensation line flush with condensation pan treatment to prevent odors and sludge (value $137.00)
Coil bright condenser coil cleaning with mild detergent (Value $172.00)
No breakdown guarantee (subject to terms and conditions) 90 days 1 year

Membership includes two semi-annual maintenance services (Spring and Fall). Services will expire one year after purchase/renewal date. Recommended repairs must be made in order to receive the no breakdown guarantee.

Prices are subject to change.

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